The Bingo Association is the trade association of the licensed bingo industry in Great Britain. It is a member of the European umbrella group EU BINGO.

On 17 April 2008, a one day seminar on responsible gaming took place in the European Parliament. The “Responsible Gambling Day” hopes to initiate the first broadly based EU political discussion on responsible online casino gambling. The event was divided into 4 panels which covered the possibility of a policy framework needed to ensure consumer protection in online casino gambling activities, how to address underage gaming, best practice for the advertising of gaming and how best to address problem gambling.

Participants included EU policymakers such as MEP Christofer Fjellner (EPP-ED, Sweden), MEP Joel Hasse Ferreira (PSE, Portugal), MEP Toine Manders (ALDE, Netherlands), MEP Christopher Heaton-Harris (EEP-ED, UK), academics including Dr. Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University, Dr. Howard Shaffer, Harvard Medical School, and industry representatives such as Mr. Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet, and Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive of the Remote Gambling Association.

Although the focus was on gambling online, statements of MEPs and others clearly included the offline sector as well. British MEP Christopher Heaton-Harris (EPP-ED) stated that the Internet has changed the gambling industry ( to know about bingo industry check out UK bingo industry) and uploaded it on the international/EU level. And Simon Starcek, Director General of Sports Department in the Ministry of Education and Sport of Slovenia, speaking on behalf of the Slovenian EU Presidency said that gambling and online gambling are fields of growing significance and that gambling plays a key role in tourism, technological development and employment.

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wedish MEP Christofer Fjellner, one of the sponsors, says in his press release that the question of social responsibility should be a shared interest of, and an area of co-operation between, EU Member States and private gaming companies. The private gaming companies need to prove that they take responsible gaming seriously and thus deserve free movement of gaming services in the EU. Member States have to show that they do not abuse social protection as an excuse to protect their monopoly from competition.

Therefore, according to Fjellner, it is unacceptable that some Member States obstruct private companies' efforts in obtaining a high level of social responsibility. Toine Mander, (ALDE, The Netherlands), said that gambling is a money-making machine for governments and customer protection is used to protect the state monopoly.

Eu Bingo

Eu Bingo

EU BINGO is the Federation of European Bingo Associations. The main purposes of the Federation is to represent the professional and social interests of its members, namely national bingo associations, with the institutions and services of the European Union, to serve as an information exchange platform for its members and to cover issues of concern to the bingo sector which may arise from time to time.

EU BINGO is composed of the Bingo Association of the licensed bingo industry in Great Britain, the Spanish Confederation of Organisations of Bingo Games Managers (Confederation Española de Organizaciones de Empresarios del Juego del Bingo), the Italian Federbingo (Federazione Nazionale Concessionari Bingo), and the Star Bingo Group of Ireland.  It is a Brussels-based umbrella group for associations representing the bingo industry. It has active members in four European countries.

The Federation of European Bingo Associations was established in 2006 to represent the European bingo sector at EU level and consists of 4 member national bingo associations from the following countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland and Spain. The new European association EUBINGO was officially launched on 31 January at a lunch hosted by Bill Newton Dunn MEP at the European Parliament in Brussels.

EUBINGO is currently composed of the Bingo Assocaiton and the Spanish confederation of organisations of bingo games managers (confederacion Espanola de Organizaciones de Empresarios del Juego del Bingo). However, it is hoped that these two founding organisations will shortly be joined by other associations from throughout Europe. The primary aim of EUBINGO is to represent the interests of its members at EU level and to inform members of developments. For further details please see full press release, available in the Press section

EUBINGO is a dedicated follower of European as well as national policy developments that have an impact on the bingo sector. EUBINGO is run by a Brussels based secretariat and its executive board meets twice a year to discuss all matters of interest to the Federation. The Federation of European Bingo Associations EUBINGO was established in early 2006. The official EUBINGO launch took place on 31 January 2006 at the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by MEP Bill Newton Dunn.

The original membership consisted of the British and Spanish participants, but by the end of the year EUBINGO had grown to four members. Much of EUBINGO's work consists of monitoring EU developments and keeping member associations informed on upcoming legislation which may affect them. The organization also collates and distributes information on the bingo industry. On occasion, EUBINGO will make representations to lawmakers.

Through its representation in Brussels, the Federation of European Bingo Associations aims to:

IRepresent the professional and social interests of its members, namely national bingo associations, with the institutions and services of the European Union;

Serve as an information exchange platform for its members;

Cover issues of concern to the bingo sector which may arise from time to time.

EU BINGO maintains close contact with other gambling sector trade associations and aims to be actively involved in several sector initiatives in Europe.




Bingo is played across large parts of Europe but is most popular in Ireland, Great Britain, Spain and Sweden.

In terms of number of players, Great Britain is estimated to have the most players, closely followed by Spain. Spain apparently has 468 bingo halls and around 20,000 Spaniards are employed in the bingo industry.

There are approximately 651 bingo halls in the UK. Unlike Ireland, bingo halls operate as commercial enterprises and make profit for shareholders. The UK bingo market is dominated by Mecca and Gala, with around 170 bingo halls for Gala and 100 for Mecca, or 43% of the market.

As zero lies within the inside bet square, it does not figure in the outside betting area. Outside bets should total the minimum betting amounts. Outside bets comprise different situations. Dozens bet engulfs three squares from combinations of 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. Payoff is 2 to 1.

Other big operators include Top Ten (42 clubs), Carlton (16) and Buckingham (11 clubs). UK bingo players spent £2.8 billion on bingo tickets in 2007, according to figures released by Mintel market research. Mecca and Gala account for about 60% of sales.

The number of bingo clubs is falling fairly rapidly as the real world bingo population ages and as the effect of the national smoking ban takes effect. A survey of bingo players in early 2007 suggested one in ten players would stop going to play bingo once the smoking ban was implemented. All the Bingo Online halls offer one of the best Bingo Bonus schemes on the net and consequently you will have more Bingo bucks to play with for your money. The money Bingo bucks you have the longer you can play the Bingo games for and keep chatting to your Bingo buddies.

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